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Webinar – Free: Go Paperless with DocLink for Sage

Go Paperless with DocLink for Sage

Who Should Attend?
– Anyone storing paper documents in filing cabinets or in off-site storage facilities
– Anyone in a highly regulated industry
– Anyone with multiple office locations
– Anyone who misses early pay discounts
– Anyone who wants to be prepared ahead of time should an audit occur
– Remote employees who need access to company documents
– Accounting teams who have a slow invoice approval process
– Accounting teams who process a high volume of invoices

What Will I Learn?
DocLink is the document management & workflow solution for your Sage ERP.

Taking the first step toward fixing outdated business practices can be daunting but you need to. Your team needs to creatively and easily expedite processes; they need software to scan/route documents, create alerts, customize forms, automate workflows, and access files from any device.

Let us show you how to begin with Sage Endorsed document management and workflow solution DocLink.

Join us for this webinar to leave able to identify where your company needs an efficiency boost. Get ready to go paperless with any document, any process, anywhere!

Webinar attendees will discover how to utilize DocLink to:
– Capture data and documents throughout their organization
– Streamline processing and approval
– Integrate documents and data with their Sage ERP
– Automate the delivery of documents and associated data to customers and business partners
– Provide secured visibility for employees and business partners

Who’s Presenting?
Laura Lechien

Sales Director, Altec

Oasis Solutions Group

(502) 429-6902