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Kelley Beekeeping

“Our company needs to remain current—and Oasis is going to play a large role in helping us do so using Sage.”
– Charlie Lawson, Controller

How we worked together

Kelley BeekeepingKelley Beekeeping, formerly Walter T. Kelley, is a Minnesota-based manufacturer of beekeeping equipment, hives, and beekeeping clothing. Kelley Beekeeping also sells bees for a short period each year and assists beekeepers with metal work projects.

Kelley Beekeeping was using a combination of QuickBooks and Excel sheets to manage their accounting department—a combination that proved to be less than efficient. However, with a department reluctant to transition to a more robust and efficient system, the management team sought the guidance of a trusted partner to help make this transition a smoother one.

After some research, Kelley Beekeeping shifted from QuickBooks to Sage software to manage their inventory and accounting needs. To help with the transition, Kelley Beekeeping chose to partner with the experts at Oasis Solutions—a Kentucky-based business management software company specializing in sales, service, support and training for Sage products.

“The team at Oasis has an extensive amount of real world experience—so when I call with a question, they know the answer. They are extremely knowledgeable and always willing to help,” said Charlie Lawson, Controller at Kelley Beekeeping.

Oasis’ understanding of Kelley Beekeeping’s particular business needs, combined with their flexibility, helped them manage their business more efficiently—saving the company time and money across the board, particularly with regard to inventory management.

“Within my first few weeks at Kelley Beekeeping, we took a physical product inventory. I had never done this using our Sage software and was a bit nervous. A team member from Oasis took time out of her weekend to walk me through the process and answer my questions,” said Charlie. “Her extensive knowledge and professionalism was really the truest testament to Oasis’ commitment to their partners and customers.”

Kelley BeekeepingKelly Beekeeping took the time to research and invest in both a quality system and partner. They explored and improved different areas of their business that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to—problem solving with the team at Oasis along the way. The team still has some work to do, but they continue to make progress under the guidance of Oasis.

“Oasis’ flexibility—in their willingness to work with both me and with other individuals within the company—has really been outstanding. They not only understand our current situation and issues, but have also taken into consideration our future needs,” said Charlie. “I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to upgrade their solution and push their organization forward.