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Automotive Service Products

“Our secret to success is that we leverage technology and run a lean operation. Both Oasis Solutions and Sage 100 ERP play a critical role in that.”
– Jeff Koenig, VP Sales & Marketing

How we worked together

Before implementing Sage 100 ERP, Automotive Service Products was using Peachtree accounting software. However, it wasn’t long before the system was overloaded and brought to a grinding halt by the volume of transactions and data files.

Jeff Koenig, VP Sales and Marketing at ASP, says, “We process about 350 orders and ship over 500 packages each day and it was just too much for the system.” That’s when the company discovered Sage 100 and Oasis Solutions.

Automotive Service ProductsASP does everything they can to leverage technology to its full capacity including extensive use of Sage 100 Paperless Office. In the past, the company spent a couple of hours each day printing and mailing invoices that could take up to 6 days to reach customers on the West coast. Today when an order is processed and shipped, customers receive an order acknowledgment immediately by email directly from the ERP system.

Jeff says, “Our distributor then gets an invoice—customized with the tracking number, freight costs, and other details—the same night. Since we drop ship 99% of our products, our customers love the speedy process because they can then bill their customers and get paid quicker.”

Automotive Service ProductsEven though the team at Oasis Solutions knows Sage 100 inside and out, Jeff is quick to point out that they’re more than just techies. “They’re business process people who understand distribution, know our company, and help us get the most out of technology,” he says. “They’ve been terrific in guiding and advising us. I tell them what we’re trying to accomplish operationally and they always come back with creative ways of leveraging our system. The collaboration works well and everyone I’ve dealt with at Oasis is an A+.”

Oasis plays an important role in helping ASP get the most out of technology and automate everything they do.

Jeff says, “That way we can deliver products and services that are consistent and a process that’s efficient each time. It’s part of what our customers appreciate in working with us and what we appreciate in working with Oasis. They’ve been a fantastic partner for us.”