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A Well-Blended Partnership

“Oasis helped us merge our operations and work flows into NetSuite. By partnering with Oasis, we were able to position ourselves with a product that could grow with us.”

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Quality & Efficiency

“From day one, they jumped right in and drove the process from start to finish. Our ERP upgrade and implementation has been a great success. We truly have friends at Oasis and that unique relationship makes all the difference.”

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Tools for Growth

“Since I first worked with them back in 2005 all the way through today, the guidance and support we’ve received from Oasis has been top-notch. The relationship and trust we’ve developed over the years is fantastic and it’s clear to me that they genuinely care about their customers.”

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Home of the Innocents Testimonial

“Once we made the decision that we wanted Oasis to be our partner, we then invited the leadership team of the organization to come in to a multi-day assessment that Oasis helped to facilitate. Through that process we gained their insights, their thoughts, their needs, what they wanted the system to be, what we needed to solve for them. As it turns out, it was such an incredible collaborative process that our team now calls that the Oasis Standard.”

– Paul Robinson, President & CEO

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Heine Brother's Testimonial

“Oasis provided a bridge between our operations and NetSuite. We have a lean team and don’t have a dedicated IT team. Oasis helped us merge our operations and work flows into NetSuite. By partnering with Oasis, we were able to position ourselves with a product that could grow with us,”

– Jessica Lord, Director of Finance

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Oak Island Creative Testimonials

“Oasis came to us very highly recommended and looking back, we couldn’t be happier. The implementation process went very well and we were up and running on Sage 100 in a short amount of time.”

– Todd Agee, Chief Financial Officer

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Revere Packaging Testimonials

“Not only were we able to identify an industry-wide trend and opportunity that led us to the acquisition itself, Adaptive Insights played a critical role in enabling us to easily consolidate financial statements and provide those reports to our lenders.”

– Kate Henninger, Director of Accounting

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Kelley Beekeeping Testimonials

“Within my first few weeks at Kelley Beekeeping, we took a physical product inventory… A team member from Oasis took time out of her weekend to walk me through the process and answer my questions.”

– Charlie Lawson, Controller

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“With the efficiencies we’ve gained and time we’re saving throughout the company, we’re in a position to continue growing aggressively like we have been, but without adding staff to handle the increased volume.”

– Brad Newsome, Chief Financial Officer

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“They’re business people who understand distribution, know our company, and help us get the most out of technology. They’ve been terrific in guiding and advising us. I tell them what we’re trying to accomplish operationally and they always come back with creative ways of leveraging our system.”

– Jeff Koenig, VP of Sales & Marketing

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