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Customer Service That Goes Above & Beyond

“Within my first few weeks at Kelley Beekeeping, we took a physical product inventory… A team member from Oasis took time out of her weekend to walk me through the process and answer my questions.”

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Quality & Efficiency

“From day one, they jumped right in and drove the process from start to finish. Our ERP upgrade and implementation has been a great success. We truly have friends at Oasis and that unique relationship makes all the difference.”

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“With the efficiencies we’ve gained and time we’re saving throughout the company, we’re in a position to continue growing aggressively like we have been, but without adding staff to handle the increased volume.”

– Brad Newsome, Chief Financial Officer

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“They’re business people who understand distribution, know our company, and help us get the most out of technology. They’ve been terrific in guiding and advising us. I tell them what we’re trying to accomplish operationally and they always come back with creative ways of leveraging our system.”

– Jeff Koenig, VP of Sales & Marketing

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