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Marketing Automation Designed to Improve Customer Engagement.

Act-On’s platform offers robust core functionality at the heart of an open marketing technology ecosystem. This next-generation technology gives you the flexibility to customize your marketing stack to suit your own evolving needs by integrating best-of-breed applications — and the tools your team already uses – so you can win, and keep more customers.

Founded in 2008, Act-On saw a need for marketers to better engage and interact with prospects online, as well as an opportunity to use technology to directly drive business.

Act-On has over 3000 customers, ranging in size from small and mid-sized businesses to departments of large enterprises. Including major industry vertical agencies such as technology, manufacturing, healthcare and finance. Here are some key benefits:

  • Manage marketing efforts across multiple digital channels, automate manual processes, and track results.
  • Execute multi-channel, online demand generation and lead nurturing campaigns.
  • Integrate CRM, ERP, and BI tools.
  • Build stronger relationships with your audience.

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Business Impact

Every high-growth business grapples with decisions around the best business system to manage its expanding operations. Proper planning of an integrated business management software system often takes a back seat to short-term revenue acceleration goals. As a consequence, various disparate applications are installed at different points in time in various functional areas, resulting in business process inefficiencies and software integration challenges. But how did these problems arise in the first place, and how can they be avoided?