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Don’t Be Forced To Compromise
By Manually Manipulating Data

More customers choose Workday Adaptive Planning than any other cloud planning and analytics tool

Workday Adaptive Planning Suite

ENGAGE your colleagues in the planning process. Compromise leads to a static process that falls short of driving the business forward. Workday Adaptive Planning has a breakthrough with ACTIVE PLANNING. No more static budgets and forecast. No more compromise – just a PROMISE. Workday Adaptive Planning provides the only unified Business Intelligence (BI) and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) suite built from the “cloud up” – planning, consolidation, analytics and reporting applications that are powerful yet intuitive for all types of business users.

  • Easiest to use and deploy BI and CPM suite
  • Collaborative and unified
  • Cuts planning and consolidation by up to 90%
  • Always up-to-date cloud delivery
  • Comprehensive Web and Office reporting designed for the business user
  • Anytime, anywhere access – web and mobile

an Adaptive journey with oasis: part 1/4

With Workday Adaptive Planning you can plan better, budget faster and forecast smarter. Go on an Adaptive journey with Oasis in our 4-part series and experience what the highest-rated planning software has to offer you and your business.

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Workday Adaptive Planning for Finance

Traditional financial planning is too hard and too slow for today’s agile business. For active planning, you need a solution that’s easy, powerful, and fast. Workday Adaptive Planning for finance is business planning software that provides everything you need to enable an active financial planning process. Easy to use and accessible from anywhere, our modeling and reporting software empowers you and your team to do your best work and better manage your business.

Find out how AGF Management Limited, one of Canada’s premier independent management firms, saves over a month of FP&A annually using rolling forecasts and visual performance dashboards:Download Customer Success Story

Workday Adaptive Planning for Sales

Build rep capacity plans to meet topline bookings targets. Optimally deploy quota and set up balanced territories so that all your reps are successful. Collaborate on what-if scenarios and make decisions with real data in real time. And get a single source of truth by linking your sales and financial plans.

Find out how Infoblox, a computer hardware and networking company, grew revenue by 700 percent with improved efficiency and data accuracy via Workday Adaptive Planning Suite:
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