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Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP Indiana
Your Feature-Rich ERP
At The Price Point You Want,
Sage 100cloud ERP Is Made Just For You

The gold standard for business software solutions: experience how it can transform your business with a

sage 100cloud: flexibility in an erp system, where it counts!

Benefits of NetSuite: NetSuite Cloud ERP System Software Indiana

You Have a Choice – Cloud or No Cloud

Benefits of NetSuite: NetSuite Cloud ERP Solutions Indiana

Trusted, Customizable and Connected

Benefits of NetSuite: Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP System Indiana

Feature-Rich Out of the Box

Sage has emerged as the gold standard for business software solutions, given its ability to deliver highly efficient and versatile ERP, accounting and financial management software, among many others. With over 6 million users and offices in over 24 countries, Sage is among the foremost widely used enterprise management software globally. Backed by vast experience in designing cutting edge solutions, Sage constantly redefines its products to stay on par with the evolving technological advancements.

Sage 100cloud

Sage 100cloud (previously known as Sage 100c, Sage 100, Sage MAS 90, and Sage MAS 200) is a highly flexible accounting software and reliable ERP system. Rest assured, with Sage 100cloud you will have a solid platform on which to build your business. Sage 100cloud will help you provide a better customer experience, make faster business decisions and increase your bottom line.


Has your business outgrown QuickBooks? Is Sage 50 no longer meeting your complex needs? Request A Free Custom Sage 100cloud quote and find out how it can transform your business.
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Steps to Implementing a New ERP in Your Business

NetSuite Pricing
Assess whether or not your business is ready to transition to ERP. Common indicators include: rapid growth, a need for real-time data, disparate systems and scalability issues. Research all options available within the Sage 100 ecosystem and schedule a demo.
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NetSuite Pricing
Selecting a Partner
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Once you determine that Sage 100 is a viable option, it’s important to select the right Sage 100 partner. Select a Sage 100 partner that understands your unique business needs and industry. Oasis has been assisting small and mid-sized businesses in implementing software for 30 years.

Making A Decision

What’s next after you make your software and partner decision? We will assist you in making and executing a plan to reach your unique software goals.

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Implementation & Support

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Oasis will get you from where you are to where you want to be in your business with our proven implementation methodology. Our “customer for life culture” allows us to support our customers for the long-term.


What are the benefits of Sage 100?

Sage 100 has been a steady, strong ERP for over 30 years. Sage continues to invest in making Sage 100 a go-to product for small to medium businesses.
Sage 100 is a great next step for businesses that have outgrown the functionality of Sage 50 and Quickbooks with it’s feature-rich, easy-to-use program.
Trusted, customizable and connected explains Sage 100!

Is Sage 100 cloud?

Yes! Sage 100 now offers a choice of cloud or non-cloud using the same great software.

How do I know I've outgrown QuickBooks?

QuickBooks can be a convenient and accessible solution for many small businesses. However, as your business grows, you may run into a variety of issues such as time-consuming reporting, cumbersome manual processes, disparate systems, and lost business opportunities. These could be symptoms of your business having outgrown the usefulness of your legacy software.