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We offer a wide array of business software solutions designed to meet your needs and your budget. Our software solutions touch every part of your business and are designed with productivity in mind. With Oasis you can rest assured that your business software will grow with your organization, ensuring that both your present and future needs are met. Don’t leave it to chance, call Oasis and get it right the first time! We can help you with your software needs in:

Finding the right accounting software or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is no easy task.  It can be confusing when wading through the myriad of software applications in the crowded business software market.  The right software solution should improve efficiency by saving you time, increasing data integrity and accuracy by fully supporting your business processes and provide better visibility to key performance indicators by beefing up your reporting and analytics capabilities.

Oasis can help you sort through the noise when selecting your next accounting or ERP system.

First, Oasis understands that every business is unique and you shouldn’t have to compromise when choosing software.  Therefore, the solutions we offer are proven to be flexible and adaptable platforms that our clients can trust as a reliable platform to build their business on. Whether you are looking for accounting software to manage your more complex financial needs or a comprehensive ERP system which bridges every function in your operation, Oasis has the solution that is right for you and your changing business.

Business Intelligence
The demand for Business Intelligence (BI) Software, has been increasing sharply over the last few years. BI solutions are designed to help businesses analyze data better and faster than they ever could before.  Oasis Solutions offers simple to use, cost effective Business Intelligence software that allows an organization’s management team to make more informed and profitable business decisions. Our BI solutions can be hosted locally or be a cloud based application.

Get all of your required metrics right at your fingertips!

Customer Relationship Management
CRM systems are proven to streamline the sales process through:

  • Automated lead generation
  • Automating follow up tasks
  • Providing the data YOU need to keep your customers engaged
  • Mobilizing your sales team

Oasis’ extensive experience encompasses a broad spectrum of popular CRM solutions. Our experts will work with you to identify your needs and select the CRM that works best you. We are flexible, knowledgeable, and we guarantee that our CRM solution will meet your requirements and budget.

Human Capital Management
Today, more than ever, HR Managers and Executives are realizing the true costs to poorly managing their HR and Payroll driven processes.  Once seen as a necessary evil, Human Resource Management Solutions (HRMS) are now considered essential to the health and vitality of any business. The loss of key personnel costs American businesses billions in revenue each year. Today’s HR Managers need tools to focus on the strategic staffing goals of the organization.

Oasis can assist HR managers and professionals with powerful HR Tools such HRMS systems, payroll & employee self-service solutions and time management.

Improve Your Business Today

Oasis understands the challenges of implementing a sophisticated software solution. With hundreds of successful projects, we’ve refined the process down to a science.


You all have a top notch organization and it all stems from you wonderful folks delivering exceptional service! I thoroughly enjoy our partnership and look forward to many more years of the same.

Brad Harper, CFO

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