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Sage Employee Self Services (Sage ESS)

Automate your company’s business processes and promote workplace satisfaction by giving employees ownership of their personal information with Sage Employee Self Service (Sage ESS). With workflow capabilities and customizable features, Sage ESS provides a central location for employees, managers, and administrators to view and manage important personal data and company information. Instead of calling the HR department
with routine inquiries, employees and managers will feel more self-sufficient when they can access information, such as time off, current benefits, and current job details— anytime, anyplace over the Internet or company intranet.

The Sage ESS home page displays employee self service gadgets. View snapshots of data, such as current benefits, pay history, time-off summary, and recent messages. Gadgets use Sage ESS security and display rules. Also, managers have access to gadgets that display data for their employees, such as length of service, time-off calendar, performance reviews, and jobs.

View Builder is the capability within Sage ESS that empowers HR professionals to dynamically and securely provide on-demand Sage HRMS workforce data to executives, managers, and others. The data distributed is tailored to the specific needs and security profile of each user. This capability allows data to become insightful business intelligence, allowing decision makers to produce informed business decisions. View Builder:

  • Empowers HR, without IS support, to define and manage what information users see, and they only have to make the designation once.
  • Protects sensitive HR data.
  • Keeps information up to date without HR intervention.
  • Lets users decide where, when, and how to use the information without HR involvement.

Sage HRMS Sage Employee Self Service Brochure


Sage HRMS Sage Employee Self Service


  • HR Information
  • Payroll information
  • Manager features
  • Time-off management
  • System workflow
  • Customization


  • Personal information
  • Time-off management
  • Benefits information
  • Payroll information
  • Manager features
  • Supervisor features
  • System worklow
  • Security
  • Customization
  • Integration to Sage HRMS

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