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Sage Alerts & Workflow

Sage Alerts & Workflow monitors your Sage Applications for any business conditions that are critical to the success of your organization. You can also notify your staff via more than just email, as Sage Alerts & Workflow also sends alerts via fax, message, and dynamic dashboard. Sage Alerts & Workflow also allows you to streamline your operations by automating production and delivery of invoices, statements, forms and documents.

BI-Strength Analysis
Sage Alerts & Workflow performs advanced analyses to give you more insights about your business.. Best practices and compliancy requirements are supported via system audits, with the ability to identify changes made to critical information. It is also an enterprise-wide monitoring and response solution; this includes the ability to identify conditions between various business applications, as well as the ability to monitor the contents of incoming email messages, web form submissions, and even conditions within your operating system.

Ready-To-Go Business Alerts
Sage Alerts & Workflow comes with a large collection of pre-configured business alerts. But you always have the Alerts & Workflow design modules to fully customize all of the pre-configured events, as well as to create an unlimited number of additional events of your own. And there are over 50 eventpaks available from Vineyardsoft – all free as part of the Alerts & Workflow solution.

Alerts & Workflow can help with production and delivery of the analytical reports that your organization relies on. It can automatically generate an unlimited number of Crystal reports and deliver them in any format you require, including PDF, HTML, Microsoft Word, and Excel. Users can also set the report to be “exception-based” to see only the most critical information that requires your immediate attention.

Easy to Implement; Easy to Use
Sage Alerts & Workflow downloads in less than 5 minutes and installs in less than 10. It works with all standard email engines (including gmail, hotmail, etc.), so it’s ready to go when you are. But more importantly, Sage Alerts & Workflow is wizarddriven, and requires no technical knowledge to use. You can have the application working in less than a day. Give Sage Alerts & Workflow a try – you’ll be glad you did, and you’ll never again have to say “If only we had known.”


Sage Alerts and Workflow Brochure


Sage Alerts & Workflow


  • Employee Performance Review in ‘x’ Days
  • Employee Certifications Due to Expire
  • Open Invoices Overdue for Payment
  • Payables that are Overdue
  • Invoices with Excessive Freight
  • User Activities Overdue for Completion
  • High Balance Customers
  • Customers Running Out of Credit
  • Customers Over Credit Limit
  • Customers Not Buying Recently
  • Stock Surpluses / Shortages
  • Quotes Expiring in ‘x’ Days
  • Low Calls Scheduled for Sales Reps
  • Employees with Negative Sick Time

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