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Sales Tax is hard. Avalara makes it easy.

Fully automated, end-to-end sales and use tax compliance.

The Power of Collaboration Begins Here
Oasis Solutions and Avalara are excited to be working together to bring you sales and use tax management solutions. We will work to supply support training, implementation, demos and other informative pieces to help educate you and your colleagues. Avalara offers cloud-based sales and use tax management solutions. Avalara’s end-to-end solutions seamlessly integrate with hundreds of ERP, accounting, ecommerce, and retail POS systems, providing accurate sales and use tax calculation, painless exemption certificate management, and effortless filing and remittance.

Avalara Sales Tax Suite
Getting sales tax right is easier said than done. The good news? The Avalara Sales Tax Suite has helped over 20,000 businesses address growing tax complexity with technology instead of human resources.

  • Accuracy: Avalara tracks rules and rates, actively managing sales tax compliance across all sales channels, improving accuracy and reducing audit risk.
  • Efficiency: Avalara automates sales and use tax calculation, exemption certificate management, and return preparation and filing – saving resources for more strategic projects.
  • Integration: Avalara provides over 600 prebuilt integrations to current business applications (ERP, POS, Ecommerce, Billing, CRM), speeding implementation without disrupting business processes.


Sales and Use Tax Calculation

  • Maintains tax rules and rates, eliminating tax research and tax table maintenance
  • Validates addresses and uses mapping technology to improve accuracy over ZIP+4 rate determination
  • Supports VAT and GST determination for global tax calculations
  • Provides built-in sales tax history reporting
  • Integrates with ERP, POS, ecommerce, billing, and CRM applications for fast deployment

Exemption Certificate Management

  • Collects, stores, tracks, reports and analyzes exemption certificates
  • Applies or exempts sales tax based on exemption status
  • Integrates with ecommerce or POS checkout process to capture certificates at point of purchase
  • Automates collection via mail or email campaigns

Managed Returns Filing

  • Manages monthly tax prep, filing, and payments
  • Handles responses to tax notices from tax authorities
  • Simplifies treasury management with a single ACH transfer to cover all sales tax liabilities


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