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NetSuite Tribe HR


NetSuite TribeHR is the leading Social Human Resources management software that enables customers to manage their entire employee lifecycle.  With a robust Human Resource core, NetSuite TribeHR also has advanced functionality with Talent Management and social applicant tracking.

Management will be able to track time off and work history for their direct reports, and facilitate 360-degree feedback along with peer and public recognition, while delivering integrations with LinkedIn and Facebook to attract and recruit top talent.



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Features At a Glance

Core HR

Rich profiles, like the ones you’re used to from social networks, make using NetSuite TribeHR a breeze! Profiles feature the same information you’d see in any HRIS, but they grow and change in real time—just like your team does. And TribeHR goes beyond storing just data. Every profile combines all employee vitals in one easy-to-access place: performance reviews, achievements, resume tracking, skills development and more.

And with a centralized employee directory, corporate calendar and resource library, everyone in the organization has access to information when they need it.


Talent Management

Motivating, managing and retaining employees helps ensure the success of every business. By streamlining the goal setting and measurement process, enabling peer recognition, and aligning employees with corporate values, NetSuite TribeHR makes it easy to build a productive and powerful workforce.


Hiring, staffing, and recruiting are critical to the success of any business. Whether it’s replacing employees or staffing up to grow, finding the right employees efficiently requires sourcing candidates and internal coordination. With applicant tracking tools from NetSuite TribeHR, companies can organize interview teams, consolidate notes, rank candidates, standardize job descriptions, leverage social networks, and archive applicants.


Business Impact


Operate with confidence.

NetSuite TribeHR combines the rich, traditional HCM capabilities needed to manage growing organizations with an engaging, social interface that encourages employee involvement and collaboration. NetSuite TribeHR’s system of record for employee activity, together with NetSuite’s single system of record for core operational business data, gives organizations a modern platform to run the core aspects of their business – all with the scalability, flexibility and agility of the cloud.