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NetSuite Support: Help Desk Support
Help Desk Support

No matter where you are in your journey – evaluating, in the middle of a project going sideways, or looking to optimize your investment, Oasis is here to help. Our team is prepared to help you tackle any software challenge that may come your way. Take comfort in the diverse industry knowledge that our support team holds.

NetSuite Support: Custom Report Writing
Custom Report Writing

Software rarely provides every report you need out of the box. We can help with that. Our support team has extensive experience with multiple reporting tools that can assist you with your analyses.


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The oasis analysis – Focusing on What Matters Most. The People and the Process.

After all, software is only meant to enhance your productivity. Your team should focus on creative problem solving and the end user. Our team of experts have developed a process focused on collaboration and communication.

NetSuite Support: The Oasis Analysis
Identify Critical Operating Areas

We take a collaborative approach to your journey. Consulting with you on best practices prior to recommending software. We engage your Project Champion to target all potential areas for improvement.

NetSuite Support: The Oasis Analysis
Consult on Process Improvement

We ensure that the project plan blueprint includes the right people, the processes, and information. We do this by working closely with your Project Champion and other critical stakeholders.

NetSuite Support: The Oasis Analysis
Develop Plan of Approach

We set clear goals and establish a project plan with well-defined expectations for all stakeholders. Our objective is to provide an organized, non-eventful, and well-understood project.


NetSuite Support
Discover Documentation
Gather all of the information necessary to begin the planning process.
NetSuite Support
Clearly Aligned Goals for ROI
Communicate with critical personnel and determine a path to optimized state.
NetSuite Support
Visualization of Improved Workflows
See what the improved workflows will look like before implementation.
NetSuite Support

Project Plan

We provide a recommended project plan, agreed upon timeline, and deliverables for mutual success.

NetSuite Support
A Lifetime Partnership

Oasis will be there to support you in case you ever need it.

The Oasis Analysis
Learn how our process will help you take full advantage of NetSuite’s capabilities.

Implementation – Migrating, Programming and Developing

We work closely with your team to develop the best possible plan. But when it comes time to implement, it is our responsibility to make it as easy on you as possible.
Data Migration

We ensure successful data migration by combining your data with our team of experienced programmers.

System Integration

We support integrations with all our CRM, ERP, HRMS, and document management solutions.

Easy Updates

Update faster and avoid any slowdowns in your day-to-day operations.

No Hardware Needed
Our processes are based on cloud technology, meaning no additional hardware is needed. 

Support after your system is live

Oasis knows that the implementation of your ERP is just the beginning of a partnership that we hope will last the life of your business. We’ve been supporting many of our customers for decades, some for more than 25 years!

Oasis will continue to collaborate with your team and introduce solutions that focus on where your business can leverage NetSuite and our partners to further automate your operations. Explore NetSuite Integrated Solutions

Our consultants’ experience with your industry and expertise in NetSuite will allow you to continuously produce a higher return on your investment in NetSuite.

We know how big a decision it is and how many resources are invested in an ERP project. We promise to be by your side and provide value to your organization as you grow and face new challenges years and decades into the future.

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