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The Cost of Using and
Not Using NetSuite

Experience the #1 Cloud ERP and see first-hand how it can amplify your business with a



Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to other cloud-based solutions


Of businesses experienced an improvement in their processes after implementing an ERP system


Growth in revenues without needing to increase administrative headcount


Earning improvements resulting in a quick return on initial investment


Let us help you evaluate where your business stands today and if NetSuite will provide a real ROI for your business. Contact us for a free value assessment.

Steps to Implementing a New ERP in Your Business

NetSuite Pricing
Assess whether or not your business is ready to transition to ERP. Common indicators include: rapid growth, a need for real-time data, disparate systems and scalability issues. Research all options available within the NetSuite ecosystem and schedule a demo.
NetSuite Pricing
NetSuite Pricing
Selecting a Partner
NetSuite Pricing
Once you determine that NetSuite is a viable option, it’s important to select a NetSuite partner. Once you determine that NetSuite is a viable option, it’s important to select a NetSuite partner that understands your unique business needs and industry.

Selecting the right partner is important to get the right value for your company. We will educate you on NetSuite’s ERP and help you choose the right plan for you, minimizing surprises and helping you spend only on the features you need.

NetSuite Pricing

Implementation & Support

NetSuite Pricing

Selecting a partner that can provide you the correct NetSuite products is as important as selecting the right partner to roll-out and manage your transition.

Benefits of Working with a NetSuite Solution Provider

Customized to your needs, experienced NetSuite partners focus solely on understanding your business, industry, and overall growth goals. From research to roll-out, the right NetSuite partner will not only supply superior customer service and industry knowledge but provide innovative solutions that are not available “out of the box”.


Since 1991, Oasis Solutions has been serving businesses throughout North America with software consulting, development, training, and support. Oasis is an award-winning business management software partner for NetSuite.

Industry Expertise

We lead everything with our industry expertise combined with knowledge of NetSuite to develop custom solutions specific to your industry.

Customizations & Support

When you purchase from a NetSuite partner, you get the benefit of having an expert develop custom solutions that suits the needs of your business and provide hands-on support.

The Oasis Standard

Home of the Innocents is a 139-year-old organization that services 11,000+ children and families per year in their community. After evaluating the needs of the business, CEO Paul Robinson saw an opportunity to add new technology to do a lot of the heavy lifting so that they can focus on the most important parts of the business, the clinical side. Watch their journey through “The Oasis Standard” in this short testimonial.

NetSuite Pricing Considerations

Where Can You Purchase a NetSuite License From?

You’ve made the decision to purchase NetSuite but need to understand your options in the process. You can choose to work with a NetSuite partner, known as a NetSuite Solution Provider, or you can work with NetSuite’s direct sales and service team.

Differences Between Partner and Direct

When considering partner or direct, the cost of NetSuite is always the same. What is truly different between direct and partner is the launch and support process. NetSuite direct offers their own service and methodology known as SuiteSuccess that allows businesses to go live in 100 days or less. For businesses looking for customizations and expert consulting services on their current structure, industry, and business needs, working with a partner is a better fit. There is no one size fits all approach for NetSuite Solution Partners meaning that businesses will gain a more personalized roll-out approach, industry-specific methods, and ongoing NetSuite support with the same team that has assisted them from day one.

NetSuite Packages

NetSuite is designed to support various industries, business models, and sizes to scale with a business as it grows. To fit this model, NetSuite offers multiple packages specific to your needs with the ability to add or replace modules specific to your industry. On top of packages, solutions are tiered based on company size, ranging from starter edition (15 users or less) to Enterprise edition (1000+ users) to ensure you are only buying what you need at any given moment.

Getting the Most Value Out of NetSuite

We have only mentioned a couple of the pricing considerations during the process of purchasing NetSuite. By partnering with a NetSuite Solution Provider, you are not just working with a technical expert but also a business advisor that will guide you in the right direction and make sure you get everything you need to continue growing your business. Contact us now to start your NetSuite journey.