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Manufacturing –Leading Practices for Modern Manufacturers

Manual processes, compliance issues and changing customer demands are pushing leading manufacturers to seek a new solution to manage all aspects of their business.

Built for Manufacturers

NetSuite offers a complete ERP software solution that benefits your entire organization including the shop floor.


Offers the power and agility you need to support the evolution of your business.

Global ERP

Operate from anywhere with a manufacturing software that supports your business.

Priorities, Goals and Projections for Manufacturers, 2020
NetSuite and ThomasNet, an online platform for industrial manufacturers, surveyed manufacturing leaders on their goals, priorities and plans for 2020.
Product Data Management
Manage all your product data in one place, simplify the design process and reduce time to market for new products.
Order Management
Take orders with the confidence that you’re selling the right product at the right price from the best location.


Manage your vendors and purchasing processes with the visibility to ensure you get the best price and delivery combination.

Supply Chain

Control and monitor your outsourced manufacturing processes as easily as if they were your own.

Learn how NetSuite’s Manufacturing Capabilities supports our clients.

Wholesale Distribution – Real-time Visibility into Your Business

Empower your employees with the data they need to accelerate business growth while gaining a real-time 360-degree view of your customers, inventory, and processes.

NetSuite Industries: Wholesale Distribution

Engagement across eCommerce, wholesale and retail (omnichannel) brings together all your customers and business activities.

NetSuite Industries: Wholesale Distribution

A best-of-breed financial management application ensures world class accounting across your organization.

NetSuite Industries: Wholesale Distribution

Real-time metrics and comprehensive data driven-engagement with current customers and new market expansion.

What’s the Cost of Doing Nothing?
Why it’s more important than ever for manufacturers and distributors to automate their supply chains, or pay the high costs associated with not going digital.

Engage your customers everywhere and accept orders via phone, online, direct sales, or EDI.

Leverage supplier and vendor relationships with complete visibility across the purchasing process.
Track inventory movements and transactions in real-time. Optimize day-to-day warehouse operations.
Deliver on time, every time. Exceed your customers’ expectations while minimizing shipping costs.

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Professional Services – Enable Growth with Scalable Technology

Professional services companies of all sizes often face similar challenges in their pursuit of growth. NetSuite makes measuring the utilization of billable resources and ensuring quality projects are delivered on-time and on-budget easy. Whether scaling from a start-up or a mid-sized business, the lack of the right technology can impede growth both inside and outside the organization.

NetSuite Industries: Professional Services
Adapt to Change
Real-time business analytics and flexible business processes enable professional services businesses to monitor and respond to change with speed and ease.
NetSuite Industries: Professional Services
Drive Operational Effectiveness
Unite fragmented data, automate processes and control costs with a single, unified application combining CRM and project management with back-office ERP.
NetSuite Industries: Professional Services
Improve Project Profitability
Review timelines, resource needs and profitability to develop more accurate quotes and identify areas for margin improvement.
Growth in Professional Services Takes More Than Spreadsheets
Professional services companies of any size often face similar challenges in their pursuit of growth. Whether scaling from a start-up or a mid-sized business, there are impediments to growth both inside and outside the organization.

Project Accounting

PSOs that need to operate in different locations need more than multi-currency. They need a single system to operate across many territories.

Resource Management

Smaller organizations can keep track of their resources on a single spreadsheet. As a business grows this is no longer viable and a more robust system is needed. 


A higher degree of system integration allows for more effective marketing systems. Tracking the customer’s journey opens up many opportunities that were previously non-existent.

Human Resources

As traditional HR barriers continue to breakdown, NetSuite streamlines the process and allows for more effective information sharing.

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Logistics – Moving Processes & Products, Faster

Logistics companies are faced with new opportunities and challenges as they navigate the constantly changing global landscape, leaving a need for core financials that can help them be agile and forward thinking. Processes are quickly changing as businesses transition into a more digital world.

NetSuite Industries: Logistics
Shatter your limitations with game-changing financials built on 20 years of experience in the industry.
NetSuite Industries: Logistics
Harness the power of the cloud—streamline processes and consolidate your books.
NetSuite Industries: Logistics
A future-proof platform that seamlessly integrates with your business to keep you ahead of the curve. 
Empowering Logistics Companies to Reach Beyond the Limitations of Quickbooks
Financial Management
NetSuite is the world’s #1 solution for financial management allowing financial activities to appear as soon as they are triggered.
Integrated Budgeting and Forecasting
Equip your organization with planning, budgeting and forecasting tools to ensure financial stability and growth.
Customer Relationship Management
Get new insights into your customer base and use location data to lower your freight costs.

Customer Center

Provide your customers with 24/7 online self-service capabilities and enable buying and billing efficiencies.