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Sage Alerts & Workflow
An “Invisible Assistant”
for Your Business

Streamline operations, add value and improve reporting to make informed, strategic decisions.

Sage Alerts & Workflow provides you with data-driven insights for business critical decisions, allowing you to make faster, smarter and more context-aware decisions. By empowering your data to alert the right people in the right place at the right time, to business-critical decisions, you are always ready to react. You will be ready and able to make fast and informed decisions that drive growth and make the most of opportunities.

Sage Alerts & Workflows automatically monitors your business applications in real-time and performs alerts, report distribution and workflow based on your specific business conditions, allowing you to focus on keeping your organization on track for success.

By observing your system for critical, time-sensitive business conditions such as overdue invoices or unfulfilled orders, you can keep the right people informed when and where it’s needed most. By automating best practices, you can streamline routine manual processes to save time and focus on higher-value goal like growing your business.

Sage Alerts & Workflow works seamlessly with Sage 100, enabling you to be more productive, confident and agile.

Sage Alerts & Workflow can be up and running in less than a day, including full compatibility with all standard email providers. It requires no technical knowledge to use but should you want to build on the pre-configured business alerts, it allows you the flexibility to create your own unlimited number of context-aware events.


Custom Alerts

Never write-off bad debt or miss early pay discounts again! Sage Alerts & Workflow tracks your A/R and A/P data electronically, and automatically:

  • Takes the right actions at the right times
  • Emails overdue client invoices
  • Texts you about expiring discounts
  • Puts delinquent clients on credit hold

Track & Address Inactivity

Gain valuable insights into your business by keeping tabs on things that didn’t happen. Alerts & Workflows helps you stay proactive by monitoring inactivity conditions like:

  • Inactive customers
  • Inactive projects
  • Inactive stock items

Monitor Inventory Activity

Keep on top of what’s happening in inventory across the board. Alerts & Workflow automatically tracks everything in the lifetime of an inventory item, including:

  • Stock levels
  • Initial purchase
  • Delivery
  • Storage
  • Sales

Manage Errors & Exceptions

Automatically spot and respond to errors and exceptions. Identify your specific conditions and responses, and Alerts & Workflow will alert you of events such as:

  • Duplicate item numbers
  • Missing email addresses
  • Exceptionally high discounts
  • Unacceptably low profit margins

Help Your Reps Sell More

Provide sales reps with all the information they need to close the deal. Alerts & Workflow keeps sales reps on top of their sales by automatically:

  • Notifying clients of shipment delays
  • Delivering quotes to prospects before they expire
  • Monitoring for changes in buying habits and alerting reps to schedule client follow-ups

Stay Connected 24/7 with One-Connection Alerts

Monitor all modules and data for unlimited companies, with unlimited business conditions, and unlimited triggered alerts to an unlimited number of recipients.
• Includes 55 pre-configured business conditions for Sage 300 and 85 pre-configured business conditions for Sage 100


Make fast and informed decisions that drive growth for your business with Sage Alerts & Workflow. Contact us to learn more.



Reports Module

  • Use Crystal Reports to generate and deliver forms and documents, such as invoices, statements, and purchase orders
  • Generate and deliver automated reports
  • Dynamically trigger and deliver analytical reports based on business conditions
  • Generate and deliver graphical alerts, such line charts that track sales history

Alerts & Workflow Client Access License(s)

• Enable individual users to connect and manage the Alerts & Workflow system from the convenience of their own local PC without having to log onto the main server

Workflow Actions Module

  • Trigger updates to the Sage ERP database, such as putting a past due client on credit hold
  • Trigger updates into other applications based on what’s happening in Sage ERP, like scheduling a phone call in a CRM app for a client who is past due
  • Take data from the Sage ERP system and move it into another application
  • Integrate with Sage Intelligence and Sage Enterprise Intelligence

Additional Connections

  • Monitor conditions in applications other than Sage ERP by purchasing “connections” for each application, such as tracking, auto-processing, and responding to incoming messages in your email client