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An “Invisible Assistant”
for Your Business

Combine business intelligence, alerts, and workflow  to keep you informed on what matters most

KnowledgeSync is the leading Business Activity Monitoring solution and has been implemented in over 8,000 organizations worldwide. Designed as an Enterprise-class solution, KnowledgeSync provides an organization with a single solution with which you can monitor and respond to important business conditions within all of your front-office and back-office software solutions.

With an intuitive, wizard-driven “Event Design” module, KnowledgeSync gives users the ability to configure their own events without requiring programming expertise. At the same time, KnowledgeSync includes an advanced toolset that business partners and more technical users can employ to easily configure sophisticated workflow processes.


Custom Alerts

Alerts. To anyone, anytime via any method.
KnowledgeSync has the widest variety of alert methods of any application on the market. These methods include:

  • Email
  • Fax
  • Pager / SMS / Cell Phone
  • Instant Message
  • Dashboards
  • FTP

Workflow Automation

Business Activity Monitoring is all about delivering the right information at the right time. But sending critical information to the right people is only part of that solution. Delivering information to your business applications – in the form of intelligent workflow – is the other part of that solution. KnowledgeSync can update your business applications with an event’s details. Think of any event in your business—past due invoices, reminders about orders etc. and Knowledge Sync will give you the information to ACT not, react.

Integrated Analysis, Alerts & Workflow

KnowledgeSync is an enterprise-class Business Activity Monitoring solution. That means KnowledgeSync integrates with all of your business applications – both individually and collectively. KnowledgeSync can, for instance, trigger an alert when a new sales opportunity is entered in a CRM application for a client on credit hold within your financial application.

KnowledgeSync sends out integrated alerts – messages that contain data not from just one application, but from multiple applications. And KnowledgeSync executes integrated Workflow, such as taking financial details out of an accounting system and moving them into a CRM system when a client gets to within 10% of their credit limit.

Monitor Incoming Email Messages

With organizations relying ever more heavily on email and their web site for client interactions, it’s essential that you be able to monitor and respond to those communications in an automated manner. That’s why KnowledgeSync, in addition to monitoring application data, lets you monitor the content of incoming email messages as well as web form submissions. Supporting a wide variety of email systems and web forms, KnowledgeSync lets you analyze the content of incoming messages and submissions to determine who the content is coming from, what it’s about, and how it needs to be handled by your organization.