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Have software needs unique to your industry?

No problem. Oasis has you covered. We can provide the expertise that you need.

Flexibility drives today’s software development. Today’s business applications behave much like a ball of clay. They all start off looking pretty plain. But after working with an experienced software solution provider like Oasis, you will have something..well..unique!

Oasis Solutions provides industry-specific solutions to hundreds of companies throughout the United States. We ensure our accounting software solutions go beyond traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications to provide tailored financial, inventory, customer relationship (CRM), supply chain and human capital (HCM) management solutions to our customers. Oasis partners with a variety of industry solution providers to expand on the capabilities of their accounting and ERP applications providing added flexibility.

We can you find the best fit for your industry. Let Oasis help.

From manufacturing to wholesale distribution, we have the expertise you need.