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Exploring EQ at 2018 ITA Fall Collaborative

  Oasis Solutions had the distinct pleasure of participating in the 2018 ITA Fall Collaborative in San Diego, California. The conference unites leaders of the IT profession, offering interactive sessions about leading industry trends and successful business practices. For their breakout session, Annette Manias, President & Founder, and Aaron Rosenberg, Partner & Senior Vice President [...]

3 Reasons Why Your FP&A Is Failing And How To Fix It

You may not be aware of it, but your financial planning and analysis processes are failing. They are old and tired, they take up too much of your time, and they aren’t performing the effective data analysis that you need. They are forcing you into manual processes that are slowly dragging your company down and [...]

4 Things You Should Know About Account-Based Marketing

By Alexandria Gambill & Margaret Stivers What is Account-Based Marketing (ABM)? Account-Based Marketing is a business-to-business strategy with the goal of targeting the company, rather than individuals. This helps marketers understand their customers at the account level. ABM uses data analysis to find accounts that should be targeted and uses a strategic communications strategy to [...]