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Your Company’s Cloud Future

When your management team brainstorms to recommend future initiatives, how often are applications considered? One question you should always ask is, “Do we have the software that reflects our business future?” There are many software applications that will process your transactions well, but what if you could have a single application for the entire organization? [...]

BizInsight Time Saver Tip 4 – Financial Reporting

Are you still clinging to FRx because you simply don’t have the time or willpower to learn a new financial reporting software? Do you know Excel? If so, it’s time to move to BizInsight by BizNet Software! Tune in to one of our webinars for an introduction and brief demo of BizInsight in action, or [...]

Oasis Solutions Group Announces New Senior VP of Business Development

Louisville, Kentucky June 1, 2015 – Oasis Solutions Group (, an award winning business management software partner for Sage software, NetSuite ERP, Sugar CRM, and, announced the addition of Aaron Rosenberg as Senior VP of Business Development. The Senior VP of Business Development will work directly with the Oasis president to guarantee the validity [...]

ERP Stands for What Again?

There are SOOOO many acronyms in our lives today. Do you ever get overwhelmed with them?  I do. I hope you don’t mind if I share a quick story that happened just today. I was explaining to my husband about a new CSA that I am looking at and need to send them payment. In [...]

Conducting a Great Meeting

Meetings. Ugh, right? How often have you felt like you couldn’t get any actual “work” done for all the time you spend in meetings discussing the “work?” Check out this article by Eric Ward, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Website Pipeline Inc. Time to Stand Up for Meetings Much has been written about efficient [...]

Sage 100 Tips & Tricks – Prevent “User Limit Exceeded”…

How to: Prevent “User Limit Exceeded” in Sage 100 Advanced when running as an Application. Have all users exit. Login as Administrator and set all User Preferences to “Spawn from Application Server”. Stop the Application server. Open Task Manager on the server. Show all users. Remove all pvxwin32.exe from Task Manager on the server. In [...]

Jumpstart Your 2015 Sales Strategy with Sage CRM 7.3!

Oasis Sage 100 ERP Customers, Sage CRM version 7.3 and its new Business Accelerators have just been released! They can help your sales, marketing, and customer services teams jumpstart their efforts in 2015. The best part? If you already own Sage 100 ERP and are on an active Sage Subscription Plan, you already own Sage CRM. [...]

APPcronym of the Month – CRM!

What is an APPcronym, you ask?  Well, an APPcronym is clever little term Oasis has coined to describe any acronym used to abbreviate a software application or technology. Our APPcronym for the month of April can sometimes cause confusion as it can refer to common business applications and business strategies. CRM Customer relationship management (CRM) [...]

Why You Should Avoid Using Spreadsheets for Fixed Asset Management, Part 4

The final article in our preparation series helps companies identify if adding an asset manager is the step. With organization growth, additional processes may be needed, as well as someone to oversee the equipment and fixtures of the company. If you have a fixed assets question or topic that you’d like more information on, please [...]