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Social Media Benefits for Small Businesses

Social Media for Small Businesses from Oasis Solutions Group Find out how small businesses are using social media to improve or increase business. Have questions about how your company could use social media? Contact Oasis Solutions Group Social Media Director Elaine Lytle-Case

HR And Payroll Working Together

An integrated payroll/HRMS (Human Resource Management Software) solution offers enormous advantages over two separate or interfaced systems. Sharing a combined payroll/HRMS database does not mean that one department or the other takes control. It is up to your organization to determine which individuals perform which functions. Advanced security options control individual access. For example, the [...]

Memorial Day Observance

If you’re like most of us, you’re probably pretty excited for Memorial Day weekend. In Louisville, it looks like we’re going to have beautiful weather and we could all use some downtime. But while you’re out swimming, barbecuing or relaxing don’t forget the real reason we have an extra day off. Memorial Day is more than just [...]

SCRM: What is Social Customer Relationship Management?

Social CRM: The Next Level of Customer Relationship Management More and more companies are using social media services, techniques and technology to engage and interact with customers. As companies continue to use social media for business purposes, Social CRM is becoming essential. In its simplest sense Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a relationship and [...]

Sales and Use Tax Solutions for Your Business – Get the Facts

If you’ve ever been through a software selection process, you know that trying to compare your options is much like comparing apples to oranges. There’s a lot of conflicting information to weed through. One product may claim to be great because it sits right on your desktop, while another is touted to be superior because [...]

United Mail Embraces Technology & Change to Fuel Growth

These days many people might find working in the mail industry a daunting task. Not Tom Clines, CEO of United Mail LLC, a Louisville based mail services firm. Clines says “being involved when organization transitions are happening is intriguing.” Clines is obviously the right person to run United Mail because all mail services firms are [...]

LinkedIn How-To Change Your Password

Q: Where/how do I change my LinkedIn password? A: There are two easy ways to do this 1. If you know your password After selecting “Settings” from the drop down menu, you will see this screen: Select Password Change and this box will pop-up: Enter you old password, then your new password and hit “Change [...]

Business Benefits From CRM Software

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is hot right now but many business owners still don’t fully understand the benefits of deploying a CRM solution. CRM can benefit all aspects of your organization including: Enhanced Customer Service Put the information your staff needs at their fingertips. CRM software allows your employees to take a proactive approach [...]

Q&A: Sage 100 ERP- What is the Receipt of Invoice Task?

Q: Our Company owns Sage 100 ERP (F/K/A MAS 90) and we have recently added the Purchase Order and Inventory Management Modules. What is the Receipt of Invoice task in PO and why do we need to enter information into it? A: A Receipt of Invoice Task is used if the voice is received after [...]