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Yesterday during the Oasis Solutions company meeting some exciting news came to light. Jim Wimsatt, Oasis Project Manager, celebrated his 10th Anniversary at Oasis Solutions! As you can see here, Jim is thrilled!

Jim said, “this is the second longest position I’ve ever held at a company.” He is hoping past the 11 and half year mark. The general consensus is that he will make it well past that.

Not only did Oasis have the fortune of celebrating one anniversary this month, but two. April marks the one year anniversary for Dee Dee Crotty, the Oasis Client Experience Manager. Dee Dee has been an invaluable resource to the company, and has gone above-and-beyond multiple times this year. As you can see, Dee Dee takes client service seriously as she is handing out cake for Seth’s birthday. Congratulations Dee Dee!

Speaking of Seth’s birthday. Seth Howell, Oasis Senior CRM Consultant, turned another year old, and Oasis got the pleasure of celebrating along with him. Happy Birthday Seth!