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Benefits of NetSuite: NetSuite Cloud ERP System Software Indiana

Scale with Ease

Benefits of NetSuite: NetSuite Cloud ERP Solutions Indiana

Gain a More Complete Picture of Your Business

Benefits of NetSuite: Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP System Indiana

Future-Proof Your Organization

Experience NetSuite

NetSuite empowers modern businesses, both private and public, to unlock their growth potential. The cloud-based solution streamlines mission critical processes and reduces IT costs, allowing you to easily scale and future-proof your business with an agile business platform that evolves as your needs change, regardless of size.

Oasis Solutions & NetSuite: Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP Software Indiana


Since 1991, Oasis has recognized that the true growth of a business lies in its people and processes. Software is a tool that helps your people and processes be more productive. Our partnership approach ensures that your business receives the return on investment you were promised from your ERP purchase.
Benefits of NetSuite
Data Migration
Benefits of NetSuite

Systems Integration

Benefits of NetSuite


Benefits of NetSuite
Benefits of NetSuite
Custom Reports
Benefits of NetSuite
Software Implementation
Benefits of NetSuite: NetSuite Cloud ERP System Indiana

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Benefits of NetSuite: NetSuite ERP System Indiana
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What is NetSuite and Who Uses It?

NetSuite is a SaaS-type Business Management Suite that combines multiple business functions into a single platform. The fully integrated solutions include ERP, CRM, HCM, PSA, and more. NetSuite is used by more than 40,000 customers around the world in various key industries, including retail, manufacturing, distribution, and services.

What are the Benefits of NetSuite?

NetSuite helps prime businesses for growth by automating core business operations, as well as delivering detailed real-time insights and reporting features, cloud functionality, and scalability. NetSuite users often experience significantly reduced IT costs and improved productivity due to the elimination of manual workflows.

Am I too big for NetSuite?

NetSuite is used in businesses of all sizes ranging from start-ups to large multinational enterprises, including both the private and public sector. Designed with scalability in mind, NetSuite allows businesses to harness their full growth potential and seamlessly supports expansion into new markets and business models.

How can I measure ROI for NetSuite purchase?

Consider the monetary value of less tangible returns associated with automation, such as better flexibility, fewer returns, less errors, less manual entries, increased inventory accuracy, and more opportunities for growth. Additionally, there is the money saved on software licenses by migrating all your departments onto the same platform. Visit our pricing page for more information.

Why do I need a partner?

Many companies do not have the capacity to remove a significant number of staff members from their daily duties in order to form an implementation team. Working with an external partner means having dedicated implementation specialists manage the process from start to finish. This results in less operational downtime and higher implementation success rates.

Will NetSuite CRM work for my business?

NetSuite Customer Relationship Management helps increase responsiveness to clients through automation. The platform integrates with ERP and e-commerce, and offers a 360-degree of your clientele, as well as forecasting, upsell, and commission management functionality.

How Much Does NetSuite Cost?

NetSuite is designed to support various industries, business models, and sizes as a scalable solution. Visit our pricing page for details.

Is There Ongoing Support for NetSuite?

NetSuite offers a variety of programs, ranging from basic to advanced support as well as enterprise-level monitoring solutions. However, NetSuiteā€™s support is not necessarily familiar with your specific type of business, which is why many opt to work with a support partner instead. Visit our support page for details.

How do I know I've outgrown QuickBooks?

QuickBooks can be a convenient and accessible solution for many small businesses. However, as your business grows, you may run into a variety of issues such as time-consuming reporting, cumbersome manual processes, disparate systems, and lost business opportunities. These could be symptoms of your business having outgrown the usefulness of your legacy software.

How Fast Can a Business Adopt NetSuite?

A NetSuite implementation can take anywhere from a few months to more than a year depending on factors such as the scope of your project, desired functionality, data migration needs, and the number of custom integrations. However, a poorly executed implementation can end up dragging on for several years and go considerably over budget.

Can I customize NetSuite for my business?

NetSuite offers hundreds of pre-built apps that expand on the native capabilities of the system. Additionally, NetSuite can be tailored to meet your unique business challenges with customizations, including new functions, processes, integrations, and personalization.