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ARM Software for Every Rental Industry

Automated Rental Management provides functionality out of the box to meet and adapt to a variety of rental industry requirements, including yours. Whether for party and event rental companies with unique change order needs, heavy equipment companies with multi-site inventory and maintenance, portable sanitation companies with regularly scheduled service routes, or a tool rental business with multiple channels, ARM is the only rental management system with the depth, breadth and flexibility of functionality to meet these needs. The functionality to support your particular business and vertical within the rental industry has been built into the core product from the ground up, not a bolt-on afterthought.

Developed from experience working with thousands of companies in a variety of industries, ARM’s rental industry-specific software solutions help you get up and running faster with the capabilities of Sage Software’s ecosystem of business management applications — including CRM, accounting/ERP, fixed assets, human resources and more—while addressing your specific challenges.

Spanning equipment, party and event, trench shoring, traffic safety, scaffolding, housewares, audio/visual, general tool, trailer and storage rentals, Automated Rental Management offers the widest array of solutions to manage your entire rental business, all in one platform.

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Automated Rental Management


  1. Accounting & Financials
    Seamless accounting functions powered by the Sage 100 accounting system.
  2. Inventory Management
    Manage every aspect of rental and sales inventory with real-time information.
  3. Contract Management
    Create contracts from the counter or phone more efficiently and accurately.
  4. Advanced Delivery Routing
    Plan delivery routes, balance work loads, reduce driver overtime and fuel costs
  5. Equipment Maintenance
    Track vital details and maintenance history of serialized equipment and inventory.
  6. Cash Management
    Integrated with AR to take deposits and payments from multiple POS terminals.
  7. Custom Alerts & Workflows
    Create complex alerts and workflows to trigger when certain criteria are met.
  8. Multi-User & Multi-Location
    Built for companies with multiple users, locations, warehouses or entities.

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